Swimming with Osteogenesis Imperfecta

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Rough Copy of the "Tea Time Interview"

Evalyn -   E

Chris-      C

Suzanne- S


— The first three or four minutes are a conversation about different flavors, muffins, color of icing, etc. — 


S-  so Evelyn when we were working together one time you told me what you wanted to be when you grew up…

E-  uh huh I wanted to be an astronaut.

C-  that's a good thing to be. How come?

E- because I want to see what's in space.  And what everything looks like up there.

C- that would be neat huh?

S- what do you think you will see?

E- I don't know when I think I want to fix this bench before it breaks down.

C- no it's not going to breakdown.

S- really, is it loose?

E- yeah it's loose.

C- Evelyn did you tell Mrs. Ward that you went to Boston and you got to see one of their solariums?

E- uh huh.

With big bird and they got to show you some stuff in space? -c

uh huh. -e

Wow - S

Was that neat? -c

What else did they show you, Do you remember? -c

I forget. -e

I think your plate is just the right size for this. -e

Okay well I'll give you the gingerbread peace and you give me the big plate. -c

uh huh. -e

And sometimes I like to put … (inaudible) -e

Oh yeah? -c

uh huh. -e

Nice -c

So what made you want to become an astronaut? -c

What made me want to become an astronaut was nothing. I just decided it. -e

Nice. -c

And maybe if I have time I can write some stories about space. e-

That would be really cool - c

To tell everyone what it was like up there. -e

That would be really neat I am sure everybody would like to know. They would definitely like to read your stories about space. -c

And I am a good story writer too. - e

I know I have seen some of the stories that you right at home. -c

And I love this penguin! He is so cute.- e

What is your favorite thing about space? Do you like the stars? - c

My favorite thing about space is that… My favorite planet up there is Pluto because it reminds me of Mickey Mouse. - e

Ha ha Ha, It does? -c

Yeah me too. It has got the same name as, Who's got that name?  Is that Mickey's cat? - c

Pluto! No, Mickey does not have a cat.  - are you sure? - 

No,  it's Mickey's dog.- e

Oh it's Mickey's dog that has the name Pluto.- c

I think Mickey had a To at some point. I think his name was Figaro. - c

No, Figaro is Minnie’s. -e

Oh okay. I'm sorry. I was confused. -c

Who wants some muffin? -e

Well I have still got some of my gingerbread here that I am going to eat. - c

Okay. - e

You don't need to eat the whole thing, You could share. -e

Okay I'll Sheraton save some because I think Rapunzel want some too. -c

Ha ha Ha - everyone

That's crazy. - c

It is crazy - e

So what are your favorite colors? - c

Purple and black. - e

Purple and black, is that it? - c

I thought you used to like silver too. -c

I like silver a lot. - e

Definitely Gold. -e

Definitely Gold huh? -c

Hey do not you again - (to the stuffed animal), he keeps going under the table. Are you looking for fish? -e

So Evelyn, did your mommy make your T-shirt? - s

And what is it? - c

Wishbone day. -e

Wishbone day, what's that? -c

That's the day when we celebrate about my bones. -e

Yes, It's a day for awareness. For what don't disease do you have? - c

Osteogenesis imperfecta. -e

Osteogenesis imperfecta, that's right! -c

And what does that mean?- c

That means that my bones break very easily. - e

Yeah that's true. When they break do they break right off? -c

 No -e

No that would be silly huh? -c

It's like a little part of my bone that cracks. -e

Ah, it cracks for fractures like with little small lines? -c

Uh huh. -e

And what happens when that happens? -c

I get in x-ray. - e 

And x-ray? And what are those? —c

Things that take pictures of what is inside you. - e

That's right, that's right. You have had a few of those haven't you? -c

uh huh- e

You used to have to go sit on my lap and take them, Do you know that? -c

Uh huh, but now i don’t. - e

Now you don't, That's right. You take them like a big girl by yourself, Right? -c

Well I can't eat the rest.  (about the plastic food)- e 

Oh, Okay you have to share some with the Penguins huh? Good. And who is the character? Do you remember what his name is? On your shirt? -c

His name… -e I think his name was Wishy.  -c  

I like this flavor (about the plastic food). -e

So your bones break easily, what does that mean? - c

That means that they can break…. -e

Are they going to break right now? -c

No, but they could break very easily. More easily than other peoples bones. -e

Ah huh. -c

And do you want a slice? -e

Of course I do, please. -c

With some jelly? - e

Yes I would definitely like some jelly.  -c

Because I put jelly inside when I was baking these. -e

Oh, Perfect. Thank you. -c

You don't want the jelly to spill out.  -e

Yum, those are good. - c

So, who wants this slice with frosting? -e

I think that must be for you. -c

Thanks. Want some? -e

Sure. I’d like the jelly piece. -s

So when you get a broken bone, Evelyn, what do you have to do? Do you get x-rays where they take pictures of the bone, and then what do they do? - c

Give me a cast or a sling. -e

Ahh, that's right. Have you had a few of those? -c

Yeah. But not in a really long time. -e

That's true you have been very good. not in a very long time. So what kind of things can you not do because of this? -c

What are the things that you have to be careful doing? -c

I need to be careful climbing. -e

Very true, But do you still climb?  -c

uh huh -e

Sometimes. -c

Only if I know it's okay. If I don't even think it's okay, then I ask you if it's okay. -e (clock chiming)

That's a good idea. -c

And you (stuffed animal), don't climb under the table. -e

Ha ha -s

He always is doing that. -e

What other things? Are you allowed to play football? -c

No! -e

No that would be no good, right? -c

But I could play basketball in the house. -e

Yes, You do play basketball with your brother sometimes right? -c

Uh huh. Sometimes I even do it outside. But I can build a snowman! I could build a snowman. -e

Oh yes you can. I have seen some of the snowmen that you build, They are very nice. -c

And I built a reindeer outside, But it's melting. -e

You did? -s

Yeah it was cool, I saw. But it's getting too warm out. Supposed to be getting cold in a few days. So if it snows again, then what are we going to do? -c

Then I could build a reindeer again.  -e 

That will be fine -c

But if it's good enough for a snowman, I could build a snowman. -e

That would be cool too. -c

But I am good at building animals. -e

Yeah we had a fun time building the last one, right? -c

Who wants some ice cream? -e

Not right now. We have to let our food settle first right? -c 

Uh huh, but I think the penguin does. Because the penguin is an animal, Not a person. That was silly. - e

I shoveled three-quarters of the yard last time it snowed in trying to make a snowman. -c

oh -s

Okay, I think the penguin wants ice cream. -e

You do? -s

Well I think you've got to wait little bit. -c

Yeah because he doesn't know anything about settling his food down. -e

So we have got to let it settle first buddy okay? Let's sit right here and let it settle. -c

He is the softest penguin that I have ever met. -e

He is pretty soft isn't he? Because he likes to cuddle right here? He likes to cuttle on you? Likes little hugs? -c

This one, even though he looks soft, he isn't. And so he tricks everyone. When they want to catch him. - e

So I want to talk about more things. What do you do for fun? -c

What do I do for fun? I play! -e

What do you play? -c

I play with my toys and my friends. -e

Ahh, do you play outdoors with your friends? -c

I play ball. -e

Ahh, then we take you bike riding once to? -c

Yeah, yeah! -e

Yeah that was fun wasn't it? -c

Maybe you and mom and Liam and Skyler, when they are old enough, maybe you could all get your own bikes and then we could all go bike riding. -e

That's like a good idea. -c

Do you like swings Evelyn? -s

Yeah! -e

I remember when we were on the swings one time, and you told me about something that you were concerned about, that your friends should know. -s

That I could kick a ball on a swing? -s

Yeah but when you're on the swing, What should your friends know? -s

That they should not get in front of me or behind me because they could get hurt and I could fall off. -e

Yeah, what would happen if you would fall off? -c

Break a bone or a lot. -e

Possibly, we have to be very careful. -c

What things do you need to be very careful about on the playground? -c

On the playground? I need to be very careful about climbing stuff! -c

Yeah, what about the jungle gym? Do you play in the jungle gym there? -c 

I never do. -c

Ah, okay. It's probably a good idea not to. -c

But at my school I can because I can climb under and out. -e 

Okay.  -c

And I hang under there and swing. -e

Yeah - c

Because I only do that on the low bars, Because those are the only ones that I can reach. -e

hmm, you don't climb on the top bars right?  -c

No! -e

OK. -c

Ha ha - s

And what other things do you do? Do you play with Liam at home? -c

Yeah. -e

And you guys play videogames? -c

Sometimes Liam wants me to chase him, and I'm like “okay then I will chase you”.  -e

There you go. -c

And sometimes I could go him and he's like “what's happening?”. -e

And when you play with your friends, do you have to remind them sometimes that you have OI? -c

I don't really remind them that much, Because they play gentle and I play gentle. But my brother plays rough!  -e

Yeah, but he still young. He's still learning. We tell him to be careful though right? - c

Mmm hmm, but he doesn't listen. -e

Sometimes he does, But not always. He is still young. -c

Amd… is everyone okay for ice cream now?  -e

Yes, go ahead. Give us some ice cream. -c

I think so. -s




Evalyn hands me ice cream.


Chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream. —e

Ahh. That's a good combo. -d

And here's a spoon. -e

Thank you. -d

So Evalyn, tell me more about activities that you have to be careful of. -c

Soccer.. -e

Yeah that is a good one. -c

Because I can twist my ankle! -e

Yeah war you could fall and get her too. Or get bumped into. What else? -c

Do you play rugby? -c

What ever is that? -c

It's like a football without any padding or helmets.  That's really dangerous, would you play that? -c

Never. -e

Oh that's a good idea not to. -c

I think most people in this world do not do that.  -e

ha ha.  That's probably true, Probably true. -c

Did you like swimming? -s

I love swimming! -e

Oh yeah? Is that good for you? - c

At the pool where I learned to swim I could stand!  In the low… -e

You could stand in the shallow end, huh? -c

Uh huh.  -e

That's awesome. I'll have to see that next time that we go.  is swimming good for you? -c

Uh huh.  I sink so I definitely need a floaty. -e

You definitely need a floaty but I thought you were learning to swim without a floaty soon. -c

I am. But I sink now.  Down to the bottom. -e

But you're doing pretty good right? When you first started I think that you had four floaties. -c

Do you know that this one has a bathing suit? (about the toy) -e

Does she really? That's cool. -c

I could get her into it. -e

How many floaties do you use now? — (and gesture #1) — only one? Pretty soon you'll use no floaties -c

Wants me to show you her in a bathing suit? -e

Sure. -c

She has it with her? -s

It's attached to her. .-e

Ohh - s

There you go. She's all ready to swim huh?  -c

First day of swimming.  (about toy) I always do this backwards. How do her legs fit in there? -e

What are the things that you like to do? Do you like to go to playgrounds? Do you like to go to the very very tall slides and go down the tall slides? -c

Not really really really tall but….. -e

Only the medium tall? -c

Uh huh -e

Oh OK.  And those are okay for you right? -c

Uh huh.  -e

yeah -c

But the really really really tall one at our school has a pile of wood chips so that we won't get hurt. -e

At the very bottom where you land? -c

Uh huh. I fall into the woodchips! -e

Well that's no good. -c

It's fun.  -e

Do you land on your feet or on your butt? -c

I land on my feet but the woodchips helps.   And the wood chip thing is so much fun, Then all the kids slide down and mess around in them. And then all the kids go running down the stairs and jump in the pile!  -e

Really that's crazy!  -c

What other activities do you like to do? -c

I like doing basketball at home. Not at the place that we learned. -e

Will we do it at school, You can do it right? You just have to be careful? -c

Uh huh.  -e

That's a good idea. -c

Do you like jumping? -s

The most thing that I do on the playground at school, I just run around!  -e

Oh yeah?  But even then you kind of have to be careful don't you? -c

Uh huh.  -e

Because if you bump into somebody else, What could happen? -c

Break a bone. But at gym once I bumped into somebody but I was okay.  -e

What happened after you bumped into him? -c

They fell down but it was their accident. -e

It was their accident? Mail it was both of your accidents, you guys bumped into each other. -c

Did you have to go to the nurse? -c

No because I didn't get hurt. -e

Well very good. -c

And I think this one is going to jump right on to you.  (about the toy) -e

Oh! -c

He likes you! e

He likes to jump Huh?  -c

I think he that he does.  And I think that this one is going to try, And make everyone else want to. -e

Oh no. Not jump on the table! They're not going to be able to eat their ice cream then. And this one here wants his mint chocolate sardine ice cream. That is what they like. So they are going to sit right there and eat that up. -c 

In this fish, I made out of ice cream.  -e

Oh did you? Ice cream fish huh?  That sounds yummy. -c

ha ha. And this one is going to eat it!  -e

It's almost as big as he is.  -c

It's trying to eat it. Or hold it. I'll my goodness!  All my goodness he's growing the fork!  -e

So what other things do you like to do? -c

I like to go swimming.  -e

You like to go swimming, We take swim lessons for that right? -c

Uh huh. -e

What about music? Do you like music? -c

I love music. That is my hobby!  (matter of fact)  -e

Ahh nice.  exactly. I hear you singing around the house all the time. It sounds very pretty.  -c

Are you wondering what my favorite kind of music is?  -e

Yes what is your favorite kind of music? -c

Frozen!  -e

Yes from the movie “Frozen”, I know.  You like that so much that we listen to it all most every time that we get into the car. -c

And, do you want to know” my favorite “Frozen” song is? -e

What's that? -c

“Let it go”.  -e

Ahh, huh I know. -c

My feet are freezing.  -e

Are they? -c

Uh huh. -e

Let me see. -c

Can you sing it? -s

Can you sing let it go for us? -c

I am nervous around other people. -e

You are nervous around other people, huh.  I can understand that.  -c

I have never heard her sing.  -s

It is a little nerve-racking sometimes. But you could sing like you were at home. You could pretend. -c

And, I am wondering when I will be able to go on the rock wall. -e

HA ha.  I don't know if we will be able to go on the rock wall today. -c

I am just staring at it. -e

Well is a rock wall a good activity for you? -c

Well sometimes, when it is  little.-e

Sometimes it can be. You have to have the right harness. -c

At school the rock wall is this big. As big as the table. -e

Are you serious? It's not a little bigger? -c

Uh huh. It's like this big.  -e

OK. It's not that big right?  -c

What is that thing? -e

A microphone.  -e

You know how people sing into a microphone? -s

Uh huh. -e

That's what it is. -s

You use a microphone to record?  -e

We were hoping that you would sing, So we set up a microphone. -d

What do you think, huh?  Are you going to be able to sing you a little bit for us?  No, you are too shy? That’s OK. -c

And I am like “where are the other penguins?”. -e

Where did they go? -c

There's the other one. The twins for this one. -e

Oh yeah. They're twins huh.  -c

I think this one is going to try to jump onto you. -e

Oh my goodness. -c

Right onto you. -e

That's crazy. So do you go to regular doctors or do you have to see special doctors? -c

Special doctors. -e

Ah ha, but you also have a regular doctor, too. -c

uh huh. -e

It is usually a long trip when you have to see a special doctor, right? -c

Uh huh, really long. -e

It can be.  Where do we go to see special doctors? Do you remember? -c

Want some more tea? -e

Yes please. -c

Is it still ginger tea or is it a different flavor now? -c

I poured a different flavor. -e

Oh yeah? What flavor is this one now?

This one….-e

Is what? -c

I don't know -e

You don't know? -c

Any other flavors… -e

English breakfast? Irish breakfast? -c

Irish breakfast?? -e

There is the ones that mommy has that daddy can't pronounce. There are all sorts of different flavors. There is mint. Isn't a mint tea? -c

Yeah, it is mint. -e

Ahh, A nice smelling tea. -c

Mint sounds good. -s

And I will have some myself. I think someone wants me to pour it into his mouth. -e

Oh my goodness, That is crazy. I think that he wants some milk from a brown bottle. He doesn't want the chocolate milk, he wants the milk from the brown bottle. -c

This one is a brown bottle. -e

Okay. -c

He is trying to get in. -e

Hey, do you remember where we went Evalyn, when we went to see special doctors? -c


Did we go to Poughkeepsie? -c

No. -e

No, where did we go? We went on a trip didn't we? -c

We did get to go far. -e

Did we take an airplane or did we drive? -c

Drive. -e

Drive, did we…. -c

Boston? -e

Oh, that's right we went to Boston. -c

Look at the Penguin. -e

That's a silly penguin. -c

Get out of there. You have had enough. -e

We are waiting for you to tell us about Boston though. What did you do in Boston? -c

Went to a museum. -e

We did go to a museum, too, cause we stayed there for a weekend. -c

And and saw the doctors there. -e

The doctors, Do you remember which doctors?  Was it me adult hospital? -c

No. -e

Was at the old folks hospital? -c

The children's hospital! -e

Oh the Children's Hospital. And how were they, were they very nice? -c

Uh huh. — yeah — And I went to a museum. -e

Yes you did. Do you remember which one? -c

The children's museum. - e

Ah, yes the children's museum. Was that fun? -c

You know, I think this one thinks that your buttons are fish. -e

Oh my goodness, He is trying to eat the buttons that are fish. Maybe they are button fish. yum yum yum. So what did you see you at the museum? -c

I saw stuff that I could play with. -e

Really? Like what? -c

Like a tunnel. -e 

Ahhh. -c

And games. -e

Games yeah. -c

And at the museum I saw in aquarium. Wait, that was in a different house. -e

That was a different place. Yeah there were two museums in Boston. -c

But I saw, I saw, I learned about a different state in the museum. -e

Yeah, What state? -c

I forget but I knew that we were in the house. -e

mm hmm, we were…. -c

A pretend, made up house. -e

That's right we did go to a pretend house there. c

But only I went in. -e

That was in the children's museum as well. -c

What did they do at the Children's Hospital, Do you remember? -c

I forget. -e

Did you have to do some scans. -c

Yeah. -e

yeah? -c

And…. -e

And didn't they help you? Let's see what did they help you with the scans? -c

Penguin. Do you want to hear? -e

Yeah — c

I forget a lot of it. -e

Well you had to lay really really still, right?  -c

Uh huh. -e

And did they do something to help you lay still? -c

Uh huh - e

They put on a show or something? -c

Uh huh -e

What? -c

The Wizard of Oz. - e

That's right, you got to watch the Wizard of Oz while they did the scan's for you right? -c

Uh huh -e

Did they say you were really really good? Did they give you something afterwards? -c

Uh, yeah. -e

Like what? -c

Like the glasses. -e

That's right and what else?

Ummm. -e

Some balloons? -c

Balloons. -e

Yeah -c

Stickers? -e

Uh huh, they did. Do you remember with the scans were for? - c

To see my bones. -e

Yeah they were density scans. -c

Oh no, buttons again.-e

Oh no you got my buttons again, oh no. So do you know a lot of people with osteogenesis imperfecta? -c

No I am the only one. -e

You're the only one that you know of? -c

Uh huh. -e

There are other people that have it. -c

I know.  -e

We haven’t met any yet. But we are trying to, right? -c

I know that we are trying to. -e

Have you had a lot of fractures or a few fractures? -c

A few. -e

A few? Where? On your head? -c

No! -e

No, why not? -c

Often on my arms! -e

Where does this happen? -c

Mostly in the house. -e

In the house? Doing what? -c

Falling off chairs. -e

Falling off chairs or… I remember one where you fell off the bed. Do you remember that one? -c

Yeah, uh huh. -e

Where did you get a fracture on that one, Do you remember? -c

In our house.  -e

Well I know but on your body, Where? Was that your leg? -c

I think so. -e

No that one was up here on your arm. -c

Oh. -e

So what happens up there on your arm, What do they do? Do they put it in a cast? -c

A sling. -e

Sling, Okay what is a sling? -c

Something that holds your arm. -e

That holds your arm, can you show me how? -c

Like this. -e

Oh, like that, huh? And do they have a lot of slings for kids your signs? -c

Swings? — slings. — well they can make it my size. -e -c -e

They did. And what did we do before hand? -c

And I just noticed t those hula hoops over there. -e

Oh, isn't that cool huh? What did we do before they had a sling your size? You remember? -c

They needed to make it my size. -e

And what did we make? Do you remember what mommy and daddy made for you? -c

A sling. — yeah, out of? Bandannas, Do you remember? — bandannas.  — that's right. — e-c-e-c-

He likes being in here. -e

That's cool isn't it? -c

Uh huh, it is like my own little playhouse. -e

So, you fractured your arm a few times, You fractured your leg once but I don't know if you remember that. -c

I closed the door. -e

So what happens now when you fall down, Do you check to make sure that you are okay? -c

Uh huh. -yeah? - And I tell you guys, a parent, tell you guys if I feel like I have broken a bone. -e

Yeah. What if we are not home? -c

What? -e

What if you are not at home? -c

Then I tell a parent, Someone's dad, Or someone else that is good. -e

Well what about if you are at school? What do you do then? -c

At school, I tell the teachers. — okay — and if they are not my teacher I still tell them.  -e

That's a good thing, You have to tell an adult or telling teacher. And then what do they do? Do they let you go to the nurse? A nurse checks you out? -c

They, a nurse, and they send me to the nurse and the nurse checks me out to see if I broke a bone. And then they call you. — that's right they call me or  — or mom. -e-c-e

That's right. -c

What could be on the other side of my door? The chair? -e

The other side of the door? You don't need two doors. Come on out. Come out of there! -c

He likes this. Or this could be my deck.  -e

Have you had any fractures recently? -c

No. -e

No it has been a while right? -c

 — break — 

—chit chat—

So, Evalyn, can you explain to me your disease? -c

I do not know how to explain it. -e

Can you explain more? I mean how do they break? -c

Like if I fall off something, even if it is low, I can still break a bone. -e

Uh huh. -c

I can. -e

Like, If you fall off this swing that you are on right now, You could break a bone? -c

Uh huh. -e

Yeah? So you'll be careful? -c

Or the blocks that you were sitting on. -e

Or the block that I'm sitting on. If you were not careful. -c

Then, I might break a bone. -e

Do you always break a bone? -c

Sometimes I can. Sometimes I can’t. -e

Ah hah, so not always right? -c

Not always. -e

Okay. And you like spinning on that, huh? -c

Yeah. It's fun. -e

I can see that you enjoy that. -c

How does it make you feel? -s

I have never been on a spinning swing before. -e

Yeah. -c

Wait, Why are you putting me…— What? —  why are you making a video of me on a swing? -e-c-e

Well I'm just moving around and stuff. You are a special person and we are making a video about special people. We thought that you might be interested in helping out. That is up to you.  Do you want to hang out with your penguins and have your picture taken with your dad? -d

Oh. -e

Come here. Do you want to take a picture? Come sit here with the penguins. -c

— chit chat about penguins — 

— chit chat—

Can i ask you some questions? -d

—chit chat—

So Evelyn, can you tell me about swimming? Is that your favorite thing?- -d

It's not… it’s one of my favorites, but my most favorite thing is singing. -e

Swinging? -d

I said singing!- e

Singing? Singing is your most favorite thing. .-d

—chit chat-

What is your favorite song? -d

Let it go! -e

Oh? I should stop asking or Let it Go is the name of the song? -d

—chit chat — 

Tell us about swimming. What do you do? -c

I could walk there in the pool. -e

Yeah? You could stand in the shallow end? -c

And I could swim by myself. -e

Yeah? You could swim by yourself,huh? Who do you go swimming with? What is your teacher's name? -c

Galen. -e

—chit chat - 

What is something that you would like your friends in class to know about you? -s

They already know about my disease. -e

Well what did you like to tell your second grade class? You haven't even met them yet. -c

That my bones break very easily. That's what I did, So that they would know that my bones break very easily. I told the whole class. -e

And then they would say, “well why?” What do you tell them? -c

Then I told them all about my disease. -e

Oh yeah? Can you tell us all about your disease? -c

— set up —

Can you tell them about your disease? Tell them it's name, And what it does? Come on, Icy toes. -c

I just want my socks and I don't know where they are. -e


— set up—

—conversation about Tabby, a visually impaired girl… —


Do you remember how many types there are? -c

I don't remember, but I don't really remember. -e

Okay well there are a lot. There are eight types. -c

Eight? - e

Eight types of osteogenesis imperfecta.  which type are you? Do you remember that one? -c

No. -e

Well you are type one. -c

So what is type one Dada? -e

Type one is the most mildest. -c

Most mildest? … what’s? .. I don't know the other ones. - e

You don't know the other ones? Well the other ones are type two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight. -c

I wonder what their names are? -e

Well they are all osteogenesis imperfecta. -c

Well I want to know the names like … what is the one that you told me again? The type one thing? -e

Type one? Oh it's the most mildest, which means that it is not the worst one to have. It means that you have less fractures then some of the other children who have the other versions, the other types. The other ones will have more fractures. -c

What are the other names like “the most mildest”? -e

Well they don't have names like that, type one is the most common,  so most of the children…. —so what is type II? — type II is one of the worst ones. -c-e-c

Oh. -e

Yeah it's one of the worst ones for kids to have.  That means their bones are very, very, very brittle. And doing anything, just walking, could break your bones. -c

What?? -e

Mmm hmm. -c

At least I caught myself. -e

Most of the type II’s don't do very well. -c

Type III, —there is type III and type IV — what is type III? -e

Some of them have curvatures in their bones. Some of them have to have special surgery where they put metal rods in their bones. Yeah. -c

Ahhh. -e

But luckily you have needed that. Right? Because you weren't careful? And I think we are done…. -c