Simple Documentation

The "simplicity" is in the editing style.  The cinematographer(s) actively move around a scene to capture the essential moments.  Even a single shooter will create visual variety with the use of multiple cameras and sophisticated filmmaking equipment.  Audio is also given careful attention.

A creative product is often difficult to define. Our ability to serve a client's needs is determined by how well we have accomplished the purpose of the product we are producing. The purpose of our “simple documentation” is to comprehensively cover your event.  While we always strive to create emotional content, this particular product will prioritize technical accuracy.  In serving this purpose the client can expect an exacting account of the day with natural audio and beautiful imagery.

This is a South Asian Reception was a six hour event with many speeches and performances.  The footage was edited with a simple choices of camera angle and the use optimal audio recordings.  The video begins with a short musical section in the beginning which shows the cocktail hour in short clips.  The remainder of the video was a simple series of events until the dance floor opens.