Description of Services

Simple Documentation

The "simplicity" is in the editing style.  The cinematographer(s) actively move around a scene to capture the essential moments.  Even a single shooter will create visual variety with the use of multiple cameras and sophisticated filmmaking equipment.  Audio is also given careful attention.
The purpose of our Simple Documentation is to comprehensively cover your event.  While we always strive to create emotional content, this particular product will prioritize technical accuracy.  In serving this purpose, the client can expect an exacting account of the day with natural audio and beautiful imagery.
This South Asian reception was a six hour event with many speeches and performances.  The footage was edited with a simple choices of camera angle and the use of optimal audio recordings.  The video begins with a short musical section which shows the cocktail hour in short clips.  The video is a linear account of the gathering and in this case we are providing about one hour of unabbreviated event capture.  The remainder of the video is completed with select footage of guests dancing.

Complete Storytelling

An extra day is dedicated to the shooting of this short film.  For Nam and Joe's occasion, the day before the event was filmed for a behind-the-scene perspective of how their wedding was realized.  We were also commissioned to film an impromptu skit which was played at the wedding ceremony and can be seen here at the end of the video.
The purpose of Complete Storytelling is to present the mood and character of an event.  Almost all of the spoken words that we had recorded are transcribed and organized into a storyline.  The edit is a refined abstraction of dialogue, music selections, and "cinematic" imagery.  I have included this project's script below in order to illustrate how we have used dialogue to drive the plot.  
The script will also provide a client with a way to easily review the direction that we have taken during our editing process.  We insist on a certain amount of creative control but also recognize that we are trying to properly reflect the personality of the main characters.   Nam and Joe are a fun-loving, rabble-rousing, and often sarcastic couple.  We approached this work with a lot of planning and an open communication throughout the entire process.


All packages include a 3 to 7 minute video that gives a visual synopsis of the event.  This is usually accomplished by showing the images that best describe an event and the people involved along with a song that suits the couple.  All choices for music must be made before the day of the event to allow for a predictable workflow.