The Photojournalistic Style

This wedding was covered in a way that would add the least possible interference to the event.   At no point in the course of this wedding coverage are we adjusting scenery, positioning our subject, or otherwise interrupting the events as they happen.  The edit is also honest and simple.  There was no additional music excepting what was recorded from the live band.  There are no visual effects that would change the look of the image for dramatic purposes.

The ceremony is certainly the turning point of a wedding event.  While our main purpose is clean and comprehensive coverage we also give viewing moments to the attending guests.  In this scene the photographers and videographers have coordinated to shoot those rare glimpses of the couple between the family members who surround them.  Our responsibility is to do this without effecting the subject.  A wedding is a sacred union and this photojournalistic style is a particularly respectful approach.

This couple exploded onto the dance floor in this scene which would end up being the climax of this weddings storyline.  The shooters were using minimal amounts of gear in order to be safe and to work quickly.  This style of editing was meant to keep the viewer engaged with what was happening in this room as a whole.  Within a few minutes we have seen a hundred different revealing moments from the dance floor.

We did not use any continuous lighting.  This would create a grainy, less colorful looking video image.  Leaving the room dimly lit gives the subjects even lighting and a natural appearance.   Modern camera technology has given us a much wider range of acceptable lighting conditions.  This relationship between the lighting condition and image quality is always given careful consideration.

The term photojournalism is defined by the purpose of telling a story that is completely objective.  For this couple the priority was to shoot as if we were a member of the party and not attract attention which would  affect the way they might act before the camera.  We are not just training our lenses on the newlywed couple.   We are taking in the experience of the evenings festivities as any guest might have.  While the image quality itself is not optimal the couple can enjoy their wedding without any elaborate production.