Wedding Event Film Personal Preferences

This page was designed as a reference for video editing decisions.  The following form will help us create a more personalized film product.  While we make no guarantees to fulfilling these requests we will always work to creating a wedding film that reflects your personality.  

This first names of the couple.
Your favorite songs, artists, or genres. These songs must be purchasable. We will be using many songs throughout the video to accompany the visual moments such as the bride preparing and portrait sessions.
Your favorite songs, artists, or genres. Instrumental music can be used for parts of the video that have spoken dialogue.
A list of favorite movies, television shows, or visual artists might help us decide on stylistic choices,
Anything that we should consider while editing your film product.
We will need atleast 6 songs to cover the variety of ceremonies and events of your wedding. These must be purchasable online or easily shared as music files.