(Feel Again instrumental)  Shots of House


  • hello everybody and thank you for coming out to Joe in Nam's wedding on this beautiful day.   I would 1st like to congratulate Mr. and  Mrs. Grimaldi and Mr. and Mrs. Vo

(Shots of place and family)

  • Joe and I grew up together actually cross the street from each other.   we went from playing with G.I. Joe's 2 riding bikes to playing handball in the park eventually owning cars, working on them, and cruising the Boulevard.  We went to the same high school and eventually Joey followed me to the same job as a New York City firefighter. you see a trend right? I got married a few years back


  • It's only natural for Joey to follow me around,  so here we are today.  it's often said they don't marry someone because you can live with them but  but rather that you can't live without them.  in this case I believe it's true.   with their love of hiking diving traveling and adventure Nam and Joe will always have things in common as well as something to do


  • I feel today that Joey is not just marrying  the girl of his  dreams  but rather the woman who will be his best friend for the rest of time.


  • Nam thank you Because all I ever wanted for Joe was for him to be happy.  I could not have handpicked a more kind caring fun woman for Joe to marry.


(Feel Again with lyrics)

Music Queue with shots of ??


  • Joe, sorry I didn't say good morning, I just worry about mocha.  ---  no that's all right.  ---  she said nobody's fed my dog! ha ha.  … Joe how are you? -- uh.  I'm okay,  I guess I am getting out of this room..  ha ha.  


  • You can hardly see it…  it looks pretty.    just take it in a little here --  ha ha,  not just a little a lot.   it looks like a boob job.  --  that's too funny.   I can't tell that it is wrinkled because it's too tight --  ha ha  I know. -/--  hey stop fighting!  --  it looks fine. --/-  that's how tiny you wear it?  ---  that's how tiny I was.  --  she's healthy now--   yeah I met my healthiest ha ha --




  • That's weird.  It looks like you have a 10 line from your  neck hair.


  • All I see is a good look in mother Fokker. --  ha ha Ha ---Aww man,   this is going to be great. – 


  • I like the pants, they're very comfortable.  --  you should see if you can get a matching jacket --  that's a good point actually.


(Shots of girls prep  starting with Nam writing a letter)

Upbeeat hectic music instrumental


  • But I really like that other dress Brandie.   can I wear that one?   She's like no you're gonna wear two dresses.   --  that's what makes weddings fun.    changing into different dresses.   and my mom changed  her dresses as well.  --  oh that's fun.--- blah blah --  this is her something borrowed. 


  • That's the great thing about having sisters or best friends. You can just switch out switch your clothes. --  Yeah try new clothes --  like I would never wear these shoes out. ---  I love those shoes --  I like the shoes,  They are funky.  I like them too


  • I  only have the bracelets  from your wedding, to go with the wedding dress,  and the earrings…..  Jenny is like all lend you my underwear. blah blah…   I forgot my dress Cat.I was telling Joe i cant wait to see you in a suit. And he was like fock I don't have my suit. And I was like shit I don't have my dress. ha ha.  So we drove home and then we were like let's call my parents instead of going all the way back.  -- Where were you when you found out? -- We were somewhere I don't know.  I was just like damn.. We called Winnie, we called my mom.  Like can you go in my closet?  Find our clothes?


  • I stole his belt.  --  yeah.  - I was like run your belt son.  


  • that's why you buy a reversible/  --  year I have it at home.-


  • I forgot my focking whole oufit. --  that's crazy. ---  and you got a suit jacket too? --  yet it's upstairs.  bro what time do you think they'll be out of my outfit?---  right around  8 o'clock --  830--  I think I can make until 9,  930.  - that might be running it a little late.


nat pop of decorations or dogs

(Shots of tea Vietnamese  Ceremony prep) 

(Vietnamese Instrumental)

  • So what takes place for the tea ceremony? --  fuck I don't know,


  • We show up they say stuff we do it that's pretty much the whole thing. --  - what time does it start?-  We got 10 min.  --   well we got more than 10 min. because she ain't dressed yet.


  • How does she look? --  she looks great. she's not dressed yet.   she has a little Vietnamese  outfit.   she looks ridiculous.


(music -- Nat sounds Prep shots for door games)

  • Only are we? 100. 


  • About 106 here. How much? 106.   20 40 60 80,  106.  will that work? Yeah that'll work.   We will make that work.


  • You want more? --  No, I don't want to give them any money. I think this is retarded.


  • They should be paying you money. Yeah.


(Shots from Nam’s Room) Traditional Vietnamese song Music Queue


  • Nam--- I can't wait any longer--- I can't wait any longer-- Nam,  comes to me


  • If you don't come down I am coming up---  no, you have to prove yourself--- you had better come down woman --  you have to go through some tests, you have to prove yourself


  • We have to make sure that you are worthy--- worthy?

(shots of Nam plotting with her nephews)

  • Oh what are we going to do now? --  you have to pass some tests-- and tasks?-- you got to come down and help you  are on  our team --  cmon buddt join the good guys --   to make sure that you are worthy we have to put you through a few tests -- 


  • Aww, you leave me hanging?



  • So we're going to ask you 5 questions about her and you have to get them right --  she is always hungry -- 


  • What's your favorite color? --  if you got it wrong  this is where the physical part comes in.  --  I'm going to go with yellow.  --  what because we're Asian.


  • I didn't put the 2 together. you are always making racial comments.  --  you got it wrong so 10 burpees.


  • Who knows how to do a burpee?   who can demonstrate?


  • I didn't put the 2 together. you are always making racial comments.  --  you got it wrong so 10 burpees


  • Last one! -- clap -- wooh!


(Some more Vietnamese traditional music) cut to shot of Nam’s father at Vietnamese Ceremony – subtitles for this part

  • .  as the parent of the bride I'm happy to give my blessing to Joe. My wife and I are going to pray asking Buddha to bless their marriage with happiness love good health wealth luck in all their dreams come treu  for 80 years more.


  • They are grown-up people in the workforce for more than 10 years so they know everything and I don't have to tell them anything. So I can cut short my speech from 8 hours to maybe just about one hour


(Door games shots) maybe remove speech length joke from here


  • --Ha ha-- next as I just mentioned now Joe was a member of my family so I also address that Nam will be part of your family with all your blessings next I will introduce “friends names” at his son they known him for


  • more or less 20 years and they realize right is and they've always been supportive of Nam and showed true friendship and him just like sisters of Nam I thank you very much for that


(Cut to shot of the bridesmades)


  • Next question what is Nam's favorite food? --  everything. sweets?   her favorite thing?  --  yeah---  those Godiva cookies --  no  --  Go ask her.  --  she already gave us the answers -- Sushi?


  • We go everywhere--Everywhere with the beach- everywhere with beach---  all right so you guys advance


  • All right that's it that's it  -- ha ha -- This is going to take forever;



  • Music-- really-- yeah ---  go joe go joe go joe ---   yeah let's go take it off


(use original song for dancing and end abruptly for effect)


  • Give us 10 reasons for why you want to marry Nam  --  very thoughtful--  very thoughtful  thats too --  she's probably can say yes ---  that you be number 1 ---  we have everything in common ---  that 5 ---


  • We both love the beach --  that 6 -- ha ---  I mean she's beautiful ---   that a new one


  • Joey,  great family? --  great family ---  that 7


  • Difficult friends but great family  ---  hey hey hey


  • That's -5 --  yes start over -- ha ha Ha


  • 3 more, cmon --  she puts up with Joe --  she told me I can keep my car--- thats number 1  -- that should be number 1-- she lets me keep my car --  she's got a let me get another car---  no no that's not a reason --  that the reason for me


  • That's not a reason----  she is my everything--- why does that sound like  a question mark?


  • Wait say with conviction..---  she is my everything exclamation mark!




  • Money money money----  ha ha--  this is all I got --   no you're getting married you're going to be rich


  • Give me more money-- 50 is lucky--- 50 is lucky


  • You guys are on the wrong team --  push them up --  push the girls push the girls


  • Nam Are you ready?   he's coming.


  • You are on my team-- ,cmon   agents do your job--  were coming in!--- where is she?--- Nam Nam


(Start “take my picture” song)


  • Is she the bathroom?  she's in the bathroom.  cmpn guys  you have to help me.    you are going to rip my stuff 


  • In the bathroom are you in the bathroom?


  • I think she left. Did she change her mind?


  • She may change her mind--- she under the bed? she under the bed? she's not on the bed.  where he issued?  are you help me or what? 


  • yeah --- that's why he's in the engine.


Take my picture lyrics –I feel like a new boy-


  • Did they torture you?  ---  a little torture --  they tried to make me pay 


Verse continues to shots fo their entrance and getting set up –

As instrumental trails- Joe’s dad


  • I am thrilled I think it's very beautiful I think everybody hears just looks so gorgeous I think this tradition is fantastic this is the greatest thing I've ever been a part of.

(Shots of huggin relatives and exchanges)

  • I think that Joey is getting some great parents and they can give him good  guidance.  we all need guidance  and he's going to really get it


  • I actually told my son this week I said after he marries her I may hold her and not let go of her. And he said you can have her for the rest of the day but after that she's mine.


(Finish with shots of Joe’s Dad hugging Nam)

Train - Marry Me  Musical queue- Slow motion enterance of Bridal Party


  • Who gives this bride away?  --Who gives this bride away?  --Who gives this bride away?  -- Me


  • At this moment I request that you take care of my daughter --  hugs---  aww

Music trails off

  • I'm so happy to see that the both of you have found each other. A year and a half ago both of you answered a wink on match. and took the chance


(shots of joe prep with dog)


  • That chance led to you moving in getting 2 dogs together and now getting married.  to marry the person that you have set your heart upon is a joy unparalleled  in human life.


(Shots of Nam prep with dog)


  • So Joe, that's what Nam does, she takes chances. I've known her for over 30 years. she is spontaneous impulsive full of energy and getting better at words with friends


  • The key ingredients to keeping Nam happy is feeding her all the time, letting her go to the gym, and allow her to travel


  • Throughout her entire life she is never spoken so highly of a person as she does of you even her pictures so a sense of peace


  • Joe going into this marriage with Nam we all expect you to be a considerate loving and faithful friend and husband


  • If you don't I'll come after you. you have humbled her and yet brought out the most beautiful spirit and soul in her


  • You have and will need to continue to ground Nam through life's realities but let yourself run free with herShe is the greatest partner that you are to have


  • Nam, I may not have known Joe for a long time but I can already tell that he is a great man, after all he is my sticky finger partner.


  • Over the years of knowing Joe it's obvious that the key ingredients to making him happy in this marriage are


  • Letting him drive a nice car, always keeping bacon in the home, and don't kill his fish with that said Nam entering into this marriage


  • Knowing that you will have to be a patient communicative loving and faithful partner and wife


(Gazebo Portraits ending with joe carrying Nam)

  • And though he's a firefighter I know he lights your fire-- ha ha-- he is the greatest challenge that you have been able to show him the reality of true and everlasting love therefore he has become a sanctuary and serenity in this life 


Reading #1


  • Foundations of marriage by Regina Hill. love trust and forgiveness are the  foundations of marriage. In marriage many days will bring happiness while other days will be sad.


  • But together 2 hearts can overcome everything. In marriage all the moments won't be exciting or romantic and sometimes worries and anxiety can be overwhelming.


  • But together 2 hearts that except and find comfort together recollections of past joys and pains and shared feelings will be the glue that holds everything together during even the most insecure moments


  • Reaching out to each other as a friend and becoming the confidant and companion at the other one needs is the true magic and beauty of any 2 people together. It's inspiring  inspiring in each other a dream or feeling and having faith in each other and not giving up


  • Even when all the odds equipped. It's a allowing each other to be vulnerable to himself or herself even when the opinions or thoughts aren't in total agreement or exactly what you would like them to be. It's getting involved and showing interest in each other


  • Really listening and being available the way any best friend should be


  • Exactly 3 things need to be remembered in marriage  if it is to be a mutual bond of sharing and caring and loving throughout life


Love trust and forgiveness.


Back to the officiant


  • So I found a poem that I thought might suit the both of you is called falling in love is like owning a dog by Taylor Malley  1st of all it's a big responsibility especially in a city like New York


  • So think long and hard before deciding on something like love. on the other hand love gives you a sense of security when you are walking down the street late at night and you have a leash on love 8 no one don't mess with you because crooks and muggers think love is unpredictable. who knows what it will do in its own defense. 


  • On cold winter nights love is warm it lies between you and lives and breathes and makes funny noises love wakes you up at all hours of the night with its needs


  • It needs to be fed so it will grow and stay loyal to you love does not like to be left alone for long. but come home and love is always happy to see you.


  • It may break a few things in its passion for life the you can never be left mad at it for long


  • Is love good all the time no no love can be bad love bad.  Love makes messes  love leaves you with little surprises here and there


  • Love needs lots of cleaning up after. Sometimes you just want to get love fixed. Sometimes you want to roll up a piece of newspaper and smack it on its nose


  • Not so much cause pain but just let love note don't you ever do that again sometimes love just wants to go for a nice long walk because love loves exercise.    it runs you around the block and leaves you panting


  • It pulls you in several different directions at once. It winds you around and around until you all wound up And can't move.  But love makes you meet people wherever you go. throw things away and level bring it back again and again and again most of all love needs love and in return love loves you and never stops. 


Reading #2


  • I've been man's best friend for 20 years. Nam and I have in best friend for 20 years those who know us agree that we have always been inseparable. Together we are an invisible pair. We never doubted that God Otis on the same path to walk together. 


  • As friends we've always been able to  brainstorm through all of life's challenges. we have also learned to make the best of every situation. Everything has always been better with us together. I encourage you both to be each other's best friends in marriage. Because going through life married to your best friend means having a partner for life.inseparable


  • Life's challenges are easier to meet and life sorrows are easier to bear. Together you will both be Invincible.



Back to officiant


  • Are you ready? this is it.


  • ha ha -- yeah -- ha ha  -- Not yet not yet--  all right Nam and Joe - 


  • Please turn to each other enjoying her hands


  • Joe please repeat after me.  I Joe


  • take you Nam,  to be my wife I best friend my love


  • from this day forwardI will respect you encourage you and cherish you in times of doubt you are always right -- ha ha -- i cnat hear you ---  you are usually right 


  • ha ha 


  • You are usually right --  Joe repeat after me you are always right,  I promise that in sickness and in health and times of sorrow and in joy


  • For richer and for poor. Even if all my money is spent. I'll be be there for you. These 5 words I swear to you.  


  • ha ha  -- She's good-- yet-- I vow to always appreciate 


  • how lucky I am to have someone who makes me feel the way you do.  I vow to continue to try as hard as I can to make you feel special as you make me feel. Forever and ever. I am truly  blessed to be a part of your life.


  • blah blah blah. -- Nam,  please repeat after me , 


  • Ditto--  ha ha ditto -


  • I Nam take you Joey to be my husband my best friend and my love from this day forward. I believe in you the person you are and we will continue to grow to be the couple we are and will be together. In your heart I found my love you provide a safe place for me unlike I've ever known.  I will we be honest kind patient and forgiving with you promised that in sickness and in health in times of sorrow and success. For richer and for richer. But I will always be by your side in the passenger seat


  • In the passenger seat of your new Mustang. I believe that God has been preparing us for this moment and our future together


  • With more dogs and seeing enemies,-- what?-- and see anenamies -- I belong with you, you belong with me I am truly blessed to be a part of your life.  blah blah blah


  • All right Mammon Joe you will now exchange her rings as a symbol of your lifelong commitment and abiding love


  • we are the rings may have the rings please? All right which one is it Joe?-- Ha ha -- 


  • nop -- ha -- Your ring is missing not mine.


  • Do you have it?  


  • Ha ha -- aww --  hold this  for me


  • Joe please place the ring on man's finger and repeat after me.


  • My whole heart I give you this ring as I give you my love and faithfulness. Nam  please place the ring on Joe's finger


  • And repeat after me


  • With my whole heart I give you this ring as a give you my love and faithfulness


  • alright vows check rings check.? Shall I pronounce them husband and wife?  


  • yeah!-- shall I pronounce them husband and wife? -yeah!-- By the authority vested in me through the power of the Internet I now pronounce you husband and wife you may now kiss the bride.. 


  • Applause


  • Ladies and gentlemen it's my pleasure to introduce for the 1st time Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Grimaldi. -- yeah --

Music queue into portraits with a kissing theme- into Reception Intro

Marry you by Bruno Mars may be best for this.


  • I just wanted say that I'm so happy to be part of your special day. I met Nam in high school when she was a wide-eyed young and innocent girl-- not really -- Roaming the halls of Cardozo with her dog shaped backpack. 


  • She said that I was a bad influence  and got her to cut class--  --  that's true not that we did anything exciting, we went to my place and played Scrabble.


  • We were just a cool now towards with friends .    we then went to Binghampton  University where we roomed together our freshman year 



  • And it was there in Binghamton that we had met Celeste.—


  • so I met Nam back in Binghamton college and we were going to make a potluck dinner and Nam taught us how to make Summer rose


  • you know we always have a good time whenever we are with Nam so doesn't have to be anything exciting so any time you know that Nam is having a good time because she snorts--- I know you guys have heard that 


  • So if you haven't heard Nam snort she's going to be snorting tonight


Music Queue --  upbeat and slow


  • But seriously we've seen them go through her ups and downs throughout the years and today is her biggest night and were really happy for you and were happy they found true love and I know the you be a great wife 


  • And a life partner to Joe  ---  when we met Joe we knew that she had met her match-- Newman Joe they they just work, they complement each other, they support each other and they make each other laugh and you when you see them togetherYou can see their love  for each other it's very apparent


  • So Nam and Joe through your ups and  Downs just remember that love And choose that above everything else --  whooo --  way I'm not done-- also 2 keys to a long happy marriage is compromise and a good sense of humor so Joe whenever you are wrong Justin minute when you are right just be quiet okay? so on that note we like to toast a happy couple,  Nam Nam Nam we love you--- Joe welcome to our crazy family--- to Nam and Joe we love you we love you 

Ho hey – Last dances with Mom and Dad to final shots of First Dance


Credits to another song


Wedding Party 

Leftover footage


End with Skit as a sort of behind the scenes