This is the third part of my series showcasing a wedding that I filmed in the North Indian state of Gujarat.  Hina's Vidhi ceremony was held in her hometown by Lake Bharoda.  The entire village street corner was covered in blankets and shaded by hundreds of yards of tapestry.  Hina's family and neighbors congregate while a marching band plays some percussive renditions of Bollywood love songs,  Once again the village takes a holiday to lend their services to the preparation of the beautiful bride.

This series of rituals and prayers are performed for many different purposes.  Some of these "pujas" are performed in order to remove obstructions.  Others are meant to prepare the bride for marriage.  The pithi ceremony is an interesting event where the bride is covered in a thick turmeric and chick pea paste.  There are many facets behind the meaning of this ceremony.  Both the bride and groom endure this familial smothering.