Basic Features

Both the Simple Documentation and Complete Storytelling products come with the following features.

Steadicam Portrait.jpg


This particular piece of equipment has been highly valued in nearly every aspect of film and television for the past 30 years.  It allows a camera to be moved and manipulated in space smoothly and in any situation that can be accessed on foot. It can be used for long sweeping shots or subtle moves in tight quarters.  Many of our competitors have been utilizing a lightweight, handheld version of this tool to varying degrees of competency. The bottom line is that the heavier object moving in space has more inertia.  Greater inertia means a more deliberate quality of movement.  The enduring stability and creative versatility of the professional steadicam operator has kept this skill in high demand within the television and film industry.  We have brought it into our own production and it is one of our proudest features.


A “slider” is a linear track designed to carry a camera through space. This technique is not just a simple camera trick.  It has been used in filmmaking for over a century.  This film-making tool allows a camera to describe a subject from an actively moving perspective. It provides a viewer with the feeling of moving through the scene.  We use a variety of camera support gear.  Smooth consistent movement is always on our minds.

DSLRs and Cinematography

35mm sensors and high-quality lenses

The term cinematography has traditionally been given to anyone in the field of bringing moving images into movie theaters.  Today, the lines between film, television, and web content have become blurred.  As technology has improved the wedding videographer has taken advantage of the film-like quality of modern photography equipment.   Although "wedding cinematography" is arguably a complete misnomer our industry has almost unanimously adopted this filmic technology.  I don't believe that technology alone has leveled the playing field. It is only changing the game and we will remain consistent and competitive with our artistic style and work ethic.

Style of Shooting

The real strength of our work is the quality of our imagery. We are constantly looking for a perspective that best describes the moment. We are also keenly aware of our fellow artisans and attending guests. Our style is consistent, clean, intimate, and unobtrusive.


Shooting with multiple cameras and audio recorders allows us to capture with confidence. Keeping footage on multiple, well-maintained storage units is an absolute necessity in this industry.  Our redundant workflow is our only relief from anxiety in this market.